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Hardscape is the hard stuff in your yard: concrete, bricks, decks and stone.  Hardscaping can also make the space more livable. After all, if you've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a piece of property, you should make the best of it and enjoy all your space -- inside and out.  So, if you are anything like me and enjoy the outdoors and entertaining, here are a few suggestions:  Brick Paved Patio, Decking, Restoration of your Garage, Gazebos, Outdoor Kitchens, and Fireplaces!

We like to meet with clients to discuss complete layout, along with making the project user friendly. Initial Steps to a perfect project: Layout of project with client, Develop a budget, Evaluate materials, Create a site plan.  Hardscapes are significantly less maintenance than foliage, so once we have designed and built out your dream backyard, the only job left is to enjoy it! So the next time you’re considering adding on to the landscape of your home, don’t forget about all of the value and enjoyment a well constructed hardscape can provide!

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